Leslie-Ann Fullerton

About Me

Leslie-Ann Fullerton, the founder of Leslie-Ann Fullerton Consulting, is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consultant, thought leader, author, speaker, mindfulness expert and workshop facilitator based in Toronto, Canada.

Committed to making change and creating spaces that are inclusive, representative and diverse, Leslie-Ann provides DEI support and facilitation to help transform traumatized organizational systems. Her innovative approach to DEI strategy incorporates the key principles and techniques of mindfulness at every level of implementation, and her style differentiates from traditional DEI offerings by providing theoretical frameworks and practical support that reinforces the necessity of DEI within various systems. She uses Six Sigma methodologies, to provide measurable and objective outcomes.


Incorporating innovative and interactive mindfulness techniques focused on EDI, Leslie’over 10 years of ARAO and EDI advocacy in various private and public sector industrieshas resulted in participants leaving her workshops with a deeper awareness of self andawareness of others. They gain renewed enthusiasm and develop concrete actionsplans to affect change in the workplace and their communities, contributing to overallwellness and organizational success. Leslie’ mission is to spark meaningful dialogue,inspire collaboration and be part of the solution that representation and participationmatters.

By evaluating and exposing the existence of systemic inequities and advocating for theneed for progressive social change, her workshops utilize healing modalities to supportauthentic and engaging discussions. Using six sigma methodologies to producemeasurable and objective results, Leslie creates sustainable and long-lasting changeto enable learners to excel in creating spaces and places that welcome all.